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Insightful Relevant Messages

Alert your customers of special events, offers, and promotions by sending rich push messages. Notifications can be sent on demand or based on a user's location

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Notification Scheduling

Use the portal to manage your notifications. You can schedule a notification to go now, later, or be based on user location. You can also target only certain customers using tags or certain platforms.

Make your targeted marketing more accurate with our powerful set of geo-fencing tools in APSIMA. Let users interact with your content in both the virtual and physical worlds. Know where your customers go so you can get there first!


Our platform seamlessly integrates with BLE micro-location beacon technology, allowing you to target your customers at the moment it matters most, when they are walking throughout your storefront. Push rich personalized messages to your customers in order to entice strategic purchasing decisions.

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Message Creation

Portal provides all the tools to create rich offers and preview them online before sending them off. Use the power of Mobile jQuery and JavaScript to create custom interactions.



Easily create tags using sophisticated queries to target customers who have not visited you for a while, have purchased a certain item, have spent a designated dollar amount, etc. Use our rich API or dashboard to add custom properties to segment your users as you see fit.

Find out what your customers are doing and when. Determine patterns and practices using our powerful tracking mechanisms. Find out how effective your offers are.

Surveys are very powerful tools to stay in touch with customers. With APSIMA, surveys are treated just as any offers, but you can use all the features of jQuery mobile to create a multipage questionnaire and post the answers back to the portal. From here you can generate reports to view all feedback. Use the power of JavaScript to validate user input.