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Real Time Proximity Use Cases

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Apsima utilizes geo-fencing and close-proximity micro-location beacons in order to empower mobile applications with real time proximity awareness of nearby mobile device users. Businesses can now actively engage with their audiences in the exact moments it matters most, when they are physically interacting with their brand, storefront, venue, etc., with the messages most relevant to them.

Venue Check-In
Allow users to seamlessly check-in to your business by simply walking in. Our system will recognize users the moment they enter and track their behavior during their entire visit.
Indoor Mapping
Apsima allows for effortless indoor mapping capabilities, bypassing traditional GPS inefficiency with spot on directional cues inside buildings. Your users can be easily directed to exactly where they want to go, in the exact moment they need it.

Foot Traffic Analysis
Apsima provides detailed foot traffic reports, giving priceless insight into where your customers spend the most time. This allows you to both strategically analyze popular and unpopular areas in order to redirect and evaluate in-store strategies.
With Apsima, conversions are tracked to link in store or at home purchases by customers who visited your store. You now have the power to monitor customer behavior both during and after store visitation.

Hands Free POS
Apsima makes hands free payments easy. Utilizing beacons, consumers are recognized and displayed on your POS simply by walking in, smartphone in possession.  Customers don’t even have to pull out their phone to make quick and efficient purchases, providing truly hands-free checkout.
Retailers can push notifications for enticing relevant offers to browsing shoppers based on indoor walking patterns, in addition to user profile information, such as purchase history and interests. Enticing a purchase with personalized messages in the moment they engage with your business has never been easier.

Digital Signage
Push relevant offers and messages to users as they engage with or pass by digital signage. Walking consumers can view personalized messages specifically tailored to their preferences both on screen as well as on their mobile device. 
Self-Guided Tours
Our system allows venues to easily guide users with self-initiated tours such as through a museum, art gallery, or zoo. Users can receive educational material about the exhibit or art they are looking at as they proceed with their tour, directly to their mobile home screens.

Apsima provides all the tools needed for a world-class learning environment.   Students can follow directional cues on tablets given by a presenter, add notes or sketch directly on screen with a whiteboard feature, interact and collaborate with others through annotations, chat, and video, and/or virtually attend classes using the teacher’s camera.  Materials are easily updated at any time.
Use proximity to build trusted locations for real-time authentication. Apsima leverages proximity technology to identify users and their mobile devices based on location for secure user authentication and management.