About us

APSIMA was founded in 2013 by a team of enthusiastic software engineers who set out to create the most comprehensive communication platform to date, that would provide connectivity, messaging, and mobile payment agnostically and seamlessly, with the flexibility to be adaptable to a wide array of businesses.

Our goal since the beginning has been to provide developers with all of the plumbing needed to easily develop connected apps.  We wanted our partners to focus on their core features and not worry about the intricacies involved with connectivity.  Today’s offerings are limited and cumbersome to use.  As developers developing for developers, we saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled.  We wanted to include everything an app would need in order to engage customers and provide merchants with all the tools necessary to do so.  With that in mind, we sought to provide very unique features and have combined the most demanded user features (connectivity, messaging, and payments) into one streamlined and compelling package.

APSIMA is the perfect example of artistry combined with technology in elegant and intuitive design, providing a rich interactive experience for users.  With more than 1.75 billion smartphones projected to be in use globally by the end of 2014, the ability to rapidly deploy feature-rich mobile applications will mean big opportunities for those who are ready.  Since we envisioned APSIMA to stream continuous and up-to-date data flow, developers will find that APSIMA was designed for easy implementation, changes and updates.