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iBeacon for the Enterprise: Facilitating a Rich Productive Workplace

For a large percentage of us, a significant proportion of our waking hours is spent navigating inside workplace walls, essentially becoming a home away from home, or in some cases, more of a home than the place we hang our hats.  With that in mind, an interesting dilemma always presents itself: how can employers make the workplace more enjoyable, productive, and overall conducive to their employees?
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iBeacon for Hospitals and the Healthcare Sector

iBeacon Technology presents a substantial opportunity for healthcare facilities to revolutionize both the visitor and patient experience as well as hospital management and patient care.  Below I will outline some of the most fruitful possibilities for the healthcare sector to take advantage of proximity awareness for a more effective and efficient environment for visitors, patients, staff, and clinician’s alike.
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BLE Beacons for Worldwide Attractions

Disney recently released news of its MagicBands, marking a new era of city attractions utilizing wireless technology to improve visitor experiences. The MagicBand changes the entire Disney experience at their Disney World Parks, from paying for tickets and merchandise, to photo collection and fast pass utilization. A simple touch of the MagicBand on your wrist will allow you to enter the park, fast-pass rides, pay for merchandise, unlock your hotel room, and more. It’s the start of what will likely become a staple for worldwide attractions.
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