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iBeacon for Logistics: A Use Case in Facilities, Asset, & Inventory Management

As it stands, logistical systems have traditionally relied on RFID technology for facilities, asset, and inventory management.  However, the release of iBeacon technology now presents a fruitful alternative for the industry, offering some significant advantages over traditional RFID.  For starters, beacon enabled systems can be read directly from any standard tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need to purchase more expensive hand-held readers.  Secondly, beacons operate on a widely accepted worldwide wireless standard, thus making them capable of worldwide operation immediately following deployment.  Lastly, beacons themselves are extremely affordable and painless to deploy.  Overall, beacons offer a novel opportunity for radical changes in daily operations for any logistical need.  Below I will outline just a few potential use cases of iBeacon for logistics.
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iBeacon for Hospitals and the Healthcare Sector

iBeacon Technology presents a substantial opportunity for healthcare facilities to revolutionize both the visitor and patient experience as well as hospital management and patient care.  Below I will outline some of the most fruitful possibilities for the healthcare sector to take advantage of proximity awareness for a more effective and efficient environment for visitors, patients, staff, and clinician’s alike.
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