New Social Presence SDK for Apsima Developers

We at Apsima are thrilled to officially announce our latest offering, a social Presence SDK for iBeacon app developers to add proximity based social features to any mobile development.

Since its introduction in late fall of 2013, we have come to find iBeacon technology has been chiefly deployed for targeted marketing campaigns and other business to consumer based implementations.  With that in mind, we wanted to extend its use beyond primarily B2C interactions by making it easier for developers to implement social proximity based features, allowing mobile users to interact with one another based on their physical location.  After all, users want the same abilities; to be provided with contextually relevant features based on their immediate surroundings.

WhozhereAtMacysLocationThe social Presence SDK can be utilized by developers to create new apps or can be integrated into any existing development.  Users will have the ability to opt in or out as well as to set their desired visibility, such as only to those connected through their social networks.

The best part is, the possibilities for use cases are virtually endless, making this new SDK really exciting.  Just a handful of a great number of potentialities include a corporation for employees to know who else is in the office and interact in real time, posting notes for others around you based on location, a festival to see other friends who are also in attendance and where they are located within, a mall to notify you when a good friend is also shopping so you can meet them for lunch.

When building the Presence SDK, we sought to account for a vast array of implementations into one streamlined package.  The concept is simple enough, to allow mobile users to know when others are also located nearby, but in actuality the implementation is quite complex.  There are many challenges to account for when implementing this type of future.  In building the SDK we worked hard to encapsulate everything into one single black box which will allow iBeacon developers the ability to easily implement the technology for any use case right away.   In addition, we went even further by also creating a UI, making integration even easier for a more rapid deployment.

We are proud of our platform, not just in its robust potentialities, but in its constant evolution.  We aim to stay continually aware of user expectations and market trends, pushing innovations and evolving our platform with time.  We believe this new SDK to be another ubiquitous building block for iBeacon developments to come.

The social Presence SDK is currently in beta, available to anyone utilizing our iBeacon platform.  Contact us for more information.  View Press Release.