Monthly Archives: June 2014

Regent Street: A Model in iBeacon for Shopping Centers

Regent Street in London U.K. marks the first shopping district in Europe to roll-out a mobile app utilizingproximity beacon technology to amplify the shopping experience for users walking along the street.  By placing Bluetooth proximity beacons in the entryway’s of every store location along the strip, the app aims to push both relevant offers and information to users as they shop.  Even better, the app builds customer profiles by asking users to notate categories of interest including brands, products, and the like in order to make the offers pushed to them as relevant as possible.
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Creating Meaningful Proximity Experiences

In a world of iBeacon and the ‘internet of things’ era, it is easy to get lost in the thousands of potential applications of proximity technology.  The sky really is the limit for iBeacon app developers to devise innovative ways of utilizing the technology as a means of interacting with mobile users in new ways based on their location.  Most of the news has been rampant with companies utilizing the new technology to send customer greetings or offers as they visit retail locations.  Although highly valuable, and if done right highly rewarding for customers, little has been written about the far more meaningful uses of proximity tech, those that work to improve the customer experience beyond discounts and coupons.
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